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The amount of data in the world is increasing exponentially by the day. Thanks to advances in technology, enterprises have become good at recording large sets of data about all aspects of their business. However, contextualizing and analyzing those reams of data remains a challenge.

Complicating things, more and more data is being collected from non-traditional sources including social media, blogs, connected devices, pictures, videos, etc. This voluminous, unstructured data needs efficient business intelligence and analytics solutions to provide relevant and actionable insights into an enterprise's business, customers, and other stakeholders.

Oloop offers innovative business intelligence and analytics solutions that incorporate a big data foundation layer, data lakes, and machine learning platforms. Our consultants have rich experience in various business intelligence platforms including Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera, SAS, Microsoft, Oracle, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and QlikView. Our vendor-neutral approach enables us to offer the best fit solution that is tailored to our clients' business needs.

Our comprehensive suite of business intelligence services include:

  • Data Modeling & Architecture
  • Data Integration
  • Data Governance
  • Master Data/Metadata Management
  • BI Analytical Reporting, Visualizations, and Dashboards
  • Performance Tuning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Forecasting & Optimization

Some of the advantages of using our BI services include:

  • Industry expertise coupled with technological depth
  • Vendor-neutral, best-in-class solutions
  • ‍Quicker time-to-results
  • ‍Cost effective utilization of resources
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