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Have you ever hired a freelance developer on an online marketplace to supplement your on-site development efforts? Or have you contracted part of your development work to an outsourcing firm in Ukraine or India? If so, more than likely, you have probably encountered missed deadlines, shoddy deliverables, unusable code or product, and a cultural/communication mismatch.

The source of this frustration is due to a fundamental misalignment of a client's and the outsourcing partner's interests. In a project-based outsourcing model, a client is only leasing the outsourcing partner's employees without either the developer or the outsourcing partner becoming vested in the final outcomes of a client's project. Moreover, the outsourcing partner staffs a client's project with a majority of junior resources who are directed by a senior developer who are all then billed to the client under a "blended rate."

At Oloop, we believe the way forward is through a vested partnership with our clients by providing them with a dedicated team of offshore developers that our client works with for a product-based scenario. We designed this solution offering to enable our customers execute their product development roadmap with the help of dedicated teams in India that are completely owned and managed by our clients.

Oloop facilitates in building appropriate offshore teams for our clients with the right talent and expertise across various domains in software engineering. We focus on helping our clients succeed by providing a cost-effective, quality offshoring experience based on transparency, cultural alignment, and product outcomes.

Oloop's dedicated distributed talent solution is based on these foundational principles for successful product development outcomes:

  • Hiring, retaining, and growing quality talent in India as per your specifications fully dedicated to working on your development projects
  • Ensuring quality control by giving you complete control over the direction and utilization of your offshore talent
  • Providing world class infrastructure to accelerate your team's performance without any hassles

Some of the successful solutions clients can achieve using Oloop's distributed talent solution include:

  • MVP/Proof-of-Concepts
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Mobile Development
  • Saas Enablement
  • Technology Migration
  • Quality Assurance
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