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Today's average software developer is far more productive than the average developer working a decade back in the industry. The causes of this are manifold - the proliferation of easy to find and use developer resources, wide adoption cloud infrastructure, on-demand scalability, instantaneous deployment of stacks, and agile development practices.

DevOps is the movement that will accelerate this productivity going forward. Today's consumers, both at the personal and enterprise level, do not have the patience for long development cycles in order to receive fixes or upgrades to the software they use. As such, DevOps' culture of fostering communication and collaboration amongst software development, quality assurance, and operations/infrastructure teams enables companies to iterate products quicker while ensuring quality and maintaining the integrity of their infrastructure.

Oloop's approach to DevOps include advising our clients on:

  • Adopting the use of agile development practices
  • Adoption of virtualization and cloud infrastructure
  • Focus on test automation and continuous integration methods
  • Data center automation
  • Documenting best practices

Oloop's DevOps solution will enable our clients to:

  • Increase rate of production releases
  • Reduce total cost of SDLC
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Foster collaboration and innovation
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