Optimizing IT Investments while Lowering Risks

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The financial industry is finally being disrupted by innovative startups after being relatively immune to the startup revolution that has upended industries over the past two decades. However, the incumbents are well positioned to co-opt technological innovations and keep pace with the rapid change affecting the BFSI industry.

Re-engineering both their front and back office functions is no longer enough in today's world. Companies need to invest and stay ahead of new opportunities including mobile payment systems, crypto-currency trends, mobile banking, customer identity portfolios, cyber-security threats, and cloud based services.

Oloop provides experienced IT consultants who are experienced in the implementing of business value-add technology solutions for the BFSI industry. We help clients comply with regulatory and risk management standards, reduce costs, streamline business processes, simplify transactions, align business and IT strategies, and build customer loyalty.

We provide our services to:

  • ‍Banking Institutions - Commercial and Investment firms
  • ‍Asset and Wealth Management Firms
  • ‍Insurance and Casualty Providers
  • ‍Stock and Commodity Exchanges
  • ‍Fintech Startups
  • ‍Credit Card Issuers and Payment Processors

Some of the solutions our consultants have provided include:

  • Location Based Services
  • Online Banking Enchancements
  • Mobility/SMS Solutions
  • Data Warehousing Solutions
  • CRM Development
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