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Oloop was founded by a team of veteran IT consultants with vast experience of contract assignments. As such, we approach our consultants with the same care and attention we provide our clients. 

We strongly believe that engaging consultants with rewarding work opportunities will result in outstanding work and satisfied clients.We build strong relationships with our consultants by strictly adhering to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. Specifically, our staff is thoroughly transparent and always accessible to address our consultants’ needs.  

When you work with Oloop, we get to know you. We look at not only your past experience but what you’re looking to achieve 5 or 10 years down the line. We do this because ultimately our goal is to not just find you a temporary assignment but enable you in fulfilling your career milestones.  

Each of our recruiters has vast technical and industry experience and understand the requirements and the challenges and rewards they offer consultants. They keep each consultant’s unique profile in mind and match them with appropriate positions for a memorable assignment.

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