MSP Channel Partnerships

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proud to be an
an msp-first strategic staffing partner

At Oloop, we don’t settle for being another staffing vendor. We strive to be a strategic partner to the MSPs we serve and add tangible value to the programs we participate in. As program implementations mature, client demands become increasingly specific, and modes of worker engagement evolve at a rapid pace, we provide value to our MSP partners through some of the following ways:

  • 360° Feedback – we are in constant communication with program managers about what is and isn’t working in the program to address any pain points and consequently improve our performance
  • Market Intelligence – we share technology shifts and trends, industry-specific insights, rate cards feedback, and our best working practices in order for the MSP program managers to guide the client buyers and other staffing partners
  • Alignment – our internal performance metrics closely mirror the MSP scorecards and KPIs so that our incentives are aligned with the MSP programs in adding value to the client program
  • Excellence – we are especially passionate of one of core values of professional excellence and don’t rest until we consistently exceed the program SLAs and rank as one of the top suppliers in the programs we participate in