Recruiting Process

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how we go about
recruiting top tier talent

Oloop’s recruiters have a proven track record of matching the right candidates to the right jobs. Our recruiters are passionate about identifying great talent and utilize Oloop’s rigorous screening process to evaluate every candidate’s technical strengths as well as their intangible skills.  

We conduct a thorough screening and evaluation process before submitting candidates to any of our clients. Our multi-tier approval system brings industry-best practices to ensure incredible hires by screening for skills and values that are critical to our client’s work culture.  

Moreover, we take care of any compliance guidelines set forth by our clients by checking for work permits, background screening, reference checks, diversity reporting, and more.

We begin our recruiting process by listening intently to our clients.

Our dedicated Account Managers are well versed with each of our client’s work culture, industry trends, projects, and hiring needs. The Account Managers meet with our client’s hiring managers on a regular basis to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for each position such as departmental role, expected deliverables, project timeline, etc. to ensure great hires.

Business Discovery Meeting

Initial exploratory meeting to map out a client’s work culture, hiring trends and needs, and expectations for contingent labor.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

An account manager will draft key performance indicators for each job position after interacting with a client’s hiring manager on their expectations for a potential candidate.

Debrief our internal delivery team

The account manager briefs our recruiters on specific traits and skills they should search and assess for in candidates for a client’s job orders.

We go the extra mile to find the perfect candidate for each job.

We are passionate about cultivating a premium network of human capital that are essential to our clients. For each of our client’s needs, we search our extensive database of past consultants, active and passive candidates, job boards, referrals, social media, and tech forums where talented candidates spend their time. All of our recruiters have a technical educational background and receive extensive in-house training to engage and qualify capable candidates for each job order. We also incorporate our client’s skills grid, hiring manager input, and industry knowledge to qualify and present the best-suited candidate for each job requirement.

At the forefront of recruiting methodology

We utilize big data to scour job boards, social media, and various tech websites to compile comprehensive profiles of millions of top tier candidates.

Dynamic talent communities

We actively develop & maintain networks of top tier consultants in Cloud & Big Data that we reach out to with great success for our job openings.

Robust screening process

Our recruiters incorporate a rigorous screening process to select the best candidates for each job opening resulting in a high submission-to-placement ratio.

The a-ha moment of finding the right candidate.

Once we vet a candidate’s skills and experience, we’ll present their profile to our client for review. We will highlight a candidate’s experience, professional highlights, skill sets, and all other pertinent information we gather during our screening process. Once a candidate is chosen after being interviewed by the client, we begin the on-boarding process and handle all the logistics so that the consultant can start working on the engagement.

Submit the candidate

We present each candidate to the hiring manager after a rigorous internal screening process highlighting pertinent strengths of each candidate.

Schedule interviews

We co-ordinate with both the hiring manager and the candidate to schedule interviews and prep the candidate accordingly.

On-board the candidate

After a confirmation, we take care of all background checks, drug screens, E-Verify screening, tax information, payroll, etc. as needed.

A placement is just the beginning for us.

We believe that the quality and efficiency of our staffing solutions is enhanced by the care we devote to our consultants after placing them on an engagement. Consequently, we periodically check in with each of our consultants to provide them with client feedback and offer additional training or mentoring if needed. We offer industry-best benefits to our consultants and provide them with ongoing care ensure great performance. After rolling off from an engagement, our recruiters actively assist in re-deploying a consultant on other engagements based on client feedback and consultant’s preferences.

Performance checkpoints

We ensure a consultant is growing professionally during an engagement by providing client feedback and mentoring on a regular basis.

Consultant Care

Our recruiters and HR team are always there to resolve any issues our consultants face during an engagement.

Analyze and improve

We regularly measure and analyze whether we have met the KPIs set by our clients and consider both client and consultant feedback to improve our delivery.