New Talent Strategies for our New Normal

A playbook for contingent workforce innovation in the pandemic era.
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As businesses across the world struggle with the abrupt reality of sweeping telework arrangements, employees relocating, the potential demise of traditional brick-and-mortar offices, and displaced professionals dropping out of labor participation, there exist innovative approaches within the workforce solutions industry that can help rebuild a thriving talent ecosystem for our “new normal.” In this ebook, we explore new models that can break ground on solving the issues our businesses and our talent will face in the post-pandemic era.

Things you will learn in this eBook:

  • How diversity and inclusion will face new challenges, according to McKinsey and Company
  • How new models such as Company as a Service (CaaS) can usher in the workforce innovations that Harvard Business Review says are needed in the time of COVID-19
  • New opportunities for MSPs and staffing providers
  • The role of advanced automation and technology
  • How Stanford University and Google see VR as a tool for education, training, and cultural empathy