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Here are the show notes of our latest episode:

In this podcast, which runs a few minutes shy of an hour, we cover a lot of ground in a dialog that’s sometimes edgy, sometimes unexpected, sometimes irreverent, and sometimes humorous—but always thoughtful, forward-looking, and informative.

  • 00:00 to 8:00 - Introduction to AI: How it works, moving beyond the idea of chatbots, and how AI can expand the way we make decisions and guide our business innovations.
  • 8:00 to 10:00 - Overview of Ethics and Governance: The rules and evolving rules of AI, challenges in machine learning models and inputs, accepting that we don’t know what we don’t know, and establishing a path of best practices moving forward.
  • 10:00 to 18:00 - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: The tremendous challenges of racial, gender, and other biases infecting AI.
  • 18:00 to 22:00 - Executive and Board Oversight: Discussing the need for accountability, inclusive leadership, diverse governance, rules that prevent bias, and concentrating on teaching machines appropriately.
  • 22:00 to 27:00 - Putting up the Guardrails: Establishing proven frameworks, evolving those foundations, choosing the right data sources, properly vetting the data, and developing governance practices to continue the positive growth of AI processes.
  • 27:00 to 36:00 - The Transformative Power of AI in Leadership and Procurement: Making more informed and inclusive decisions, creating a healthy level of friction to prevent the normalization of inequality or self-serving motives, and the power to dramatically improve supplier diversity, selection, and partnership processes in procurement.
  • 36:00 to 40:00 - The Importance of HR and Procurement in AI-led Processes: Improving supplier engagement, performance, risk mitigation, and consultative relationships; the holistic and long-term benefits of expanding AI to wider areas of the procurement organization.
  • 40:00 to 50:00 - Best Practices for Rolling Out and Rolling Ahead: Selecting, implementing, developing, maturing, and growing AI within the organization; improving worker and supplier advocacy; and bringing those perspectives as data inputs into the procurement organization.
  • 50:00 to 57:00 - Optimism and Hope: A positive and genuinely hopeful exploration of how ethical and well-governed AI can help leaders build better companies that better support their customers, talent, suppliers, and communities.
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