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We turn offshoring from a cost center into a strategic opportunity for your business to expand your development capabilities and build ownership in an offshore development center (ODC) in a successfully proven, low-risk path.

CaaS for the SaaS world.

Company as a Service!
Oloop offers a quick and low risk way for startups and mid-market organizations to start a technology center in India without any upfront capital investment and operational burdens.
Oloop handles everything from recruiting a dedicated team, managing operations, and ensuring complete regulatory compliance.
Our clients have access to our world-class infrastructure and ISO certified quality & information security processes.
Build with confidence with assured intellectual property protection and flexible terms of engagement.
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An all-in-one solution.

Engagement models to suit your needs.

Flexible Development Capacity.

For companies looking to augment their onsite team with a handful of remote resources to accelerate their project timelines.
  • Recruit from a pre-screened pool of talented technical professionals
  • Access some of the world's best and diverse talent pool at an affordable price
  • Engage remote workers without worrying about infrastructure or security concerns
  • Ramp up or down as per your project's needs
  • We help you hire and manage a team to work exclusively for you
  • You retain total team control taking advantage of seamless scalability without administrative burdens
  • We build your team whether your needs are open ended or for a fixed term
  • Your team can operate in a branded room to ensure an immersive experience

Dedicated Remote Teams.

For organizations who are ready to evolve their offshore team members into a full-fledged team to support either current or future strategic product initiatives.


For companies looking to scale their success with remote teams into a strategic, fully-owned, offshore captive center.
  • Build and scale multiple teams with mature processes to complement your service and product lines
  • Flexibility to optimize your development and R&D spend with a mix of onsite and offshore resources
  • Enables you to gradually scale up the ODC without capital commitment till it achieves maturity with the right operational processes and governance
  • Option to spin off the ODC into your fully owned legal entity on mutually agreed terms and timeline
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