June 27, 2016

Over 50 & Unemployed - Part I

Hitting the age of 50 is amilestone that you kind of look forward to making. Yeah, it means you’regetting older, but it also means that life is getting easier in manyaspects.  Or is it? What if you wake upone morning to find yourself looking for a job? To be unemployed at any age isunsettling, but when you find yourself unemployed at the age of 50 or older, itis downright scary. 

Chances are, the last time youlooked for a job was before the internet exploded with all the different waysto look for a job, so trying to figure out what steps you should take firstisn’t so easy.  Gone are the days ofscouring the classified ads in the daily newspaper and just walking in, fillingout an application, chatting with the hiring manager, and starting work within the end of the week. 

There is so much more to jobsearching today and getting hired is a whole different ball game. But,that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless! We found some advice and tips for the olderunemployed candidate that just can’t seem to get past the gatekeepers.


Keep Strong and Focus on You

No doubt you have alreadynoticed the job market is nothing like it once was, or you probably wouldn’t bereading this article. The job search is exhausting emotionally, mentally andphysically. So right up front, you need to focus on you and find ways to keepfocused, stay positive, and be strong. This starts by staying in a routine and the following tips will helptoo:

  • Create A Support System: By reaching out to those around you, it will help you get through this time. This is not the time to become isolated. Find people to be around that encourage you and have positive attitudes and vibes. 
  • Stay Healthy: Improve your health and stay healthy by exercising. If you already have an exercise regimen, then add something new to it like biking, dance class, swimming, tai chi or yoga. And don’t let boredom drive you to eat junk foods. Stay with healthy snacks and get your 8 to 9 hours of sleep.
  • ‍Take Up Reading: Reading is a great way to escape the world and relax and it doesn’t have to cost either! Exchange books with friends, visit the public library or download free books.
  • ‍Get Challenged: Challenge yourself to learn something new or to something you never have. Maybe you can improve your computer skills with a free class at the public library or volunteer with an organization. You’ll be surprised what you can learn there and the experience will be rewarding.
  • ‍Your Anger or Frustrations: It is key to staying positive so find a way to vent. Find somebody to talk to about how you’re feeling. Maybe a family member, a friend or turn to your clergy.
  • ‍The Perfect Interview Outfit: While you’re waiting on that interview, go through your wardrobe and pull out the latest up-to-date items you have that make you feel good about yourself. There are programs that provide help in finding the right interview clothes like Dress for Success.
  • Know Your Credit Report: Today, employers include a credit check with background checks. Get a free copy of your credit report and make sure you know what’s on it. is an official site that helps consumers obtains their credit report free once a year.
  • ‍Create A Job Search Schedule: This will keep you focused and keep you on track. Creating a customized resume, searching for job leads and filling out online applications all take time. Determine how much time you should dedicate each week to the job search and then stay with that schedule.
  • A Professional Email and Voicemail: First impressions are lasting impressions so create a professional email address and a professional voice mail, on your cell and at home, will give potential employers a good impression.
  • Be That Positive Candidate: Remember that positive energy draws positive results. The job market today requires flexibility. Change isn’t always easy, especially as we get older. AARP and other organizations offer help for the experienced worker to find new jobs.

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