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Employer of Record Services.

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Oloop can help manage your end-to-end HR functions for a handful of contingent workers or for thousands of contractors.

As the payroll company and legal employer of your temporary workers, we take ownership of all legal liabilities and simplify the administration of your contingent workforce from recruiting, onboarding, payrolling, and issuance of all required legal documents.

Employer of Record Services

How our clients benefit.

Our clients realize a host of benefits from outsourcing their payroll and administrative functions of their temporary workforce to us.
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  • Peace of mind from our risk mitigation HR and admin support and ownership.
  • Ability of offer ACA-compliant health benefits & 401(k) or PF and ESI benefits for associates in India.
  • Compliance with all national, state, and local employment regulations.
  • Improved retention of temporary workforce through our industry best consultant care.
“Sai, and his team have a very high level of integrity, passion and intelligence within the realm of professional services. We partner with them every opportunity we have because of the well aligned values we both maintain.”
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Let us explore how our Employer of Record service can lower your administrative burden and make your temporary workforce more efficient.
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