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At Oloop, we recognize the innovations that MSPs have brought in transforming and shaping enterprises around the globe.

We strive to be a strategic partner by adding tangible value to their programs and creating workforce solutions catered to the unique needs of MSPs and their customers.

Client demands have matured, modes of worker engagement have evolved rapidly, and business leaders expect an evolution from transactional to strategic service delivery. As a consultative and engaged partner, we are dedicated to elevating the value, not just the headcount, of the MSPs we serve.

How we add value to MSPs.

We are razor-focused on adding value to MSPs through a tactical and strategic approach. Take a look.


  • We facilitate constant communication with MSP program managers about what is and isn’t working in the program to address any pain points and continuously improve performance.
  • Together with MSP partners, we review lessons learned, define ongoing prerequisites for success, discuss trends, and share best practices.
  • We seize opportunities to share perspectives and solicit feedback.


  • We share technology shifts and trends, industry-specific insights, market rate intelligence, and best working practices to help MSPs influence client buyers while capturing more spend and market share.
  • We work to develop a collaborative roadmap for strategic management processes as programs migrate to their next stages
  • We engage stakeholders and end users through educational content, insights, and a library of creative resources to fuel success.

Quality Fulfillment

  • Our internal performance metrics closely mirror MSP scorecards, SLAs, and KPIs so that our incentives always remain aligned to the MSP’s value propositions.
  • Our globally distributed 24/5 recruiting engine matches the best talent to opportunities with local ambassadors to drive candidate engagement and advocacy.
  • Our commitment to talent quality, diversity, and ongoing consultant care delivers superior redeployment rates FT conversion rates.


  • Oloop's management promotes a culture of honesty, integrity, inclusion, and equity. Our internal processes eliminate bias while promoting outstanding candidate skills.
  • Our leaders enforce 100% compliance with all Department of Labor, USCIS, ICE, Federal, State, and Local laws.
  • We maintain an internal department that responds to reviews, resolves issues, audits compliance, and consistently incorporates lessons learned to drive continuous improvement.
Recruiting Process

How we recruit top talent.

Exceptional service begins with open minds and open ears.

Our dedicated Account Managers immerse themselves in aligning with MSPs to learn each client’s work culture, industry trends, pain points, projects, goals, and hiring needs. We observe and listen before offering solutions. Account Managers meet regularly with our MSP partners to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for each position, including departmental role, expected deliverables, project timeline, and more to ensure great hires.
  • Business Discovery Meetings
    Initial exploratory meetings with MSPs to map out a client’s work culture, hiring trends, program needs, and expectations for contingent labor.
  • Key Performance Indicators
    Account Managers work with MSPs to determine service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each position and service element to exceed hiring manager expectations.
  • Debriefing Internal Teams
    We act on the information we receive. Account managers brief our recruiters on specific traits and skills they should search for in assessing the candidates best matched to the job order, encompassing hard and soft skills.

We go the extra mile to find the perfect candidate for each job.

We’re passionate about cultivating a premium network of talent that can propel our client’s essential and future-state needs. We tap into an extensive database of past consultants, active and passive candidates, job boards, referrals, social media, specialty groups, diversity organizations, and tech forums where ideal candidates spend their time. All of our recruiters have an educational background related to our talent segments, and they receive extensive in-house training on how to engage and qualify candidates for each job order. We incorporate our client’s skills grid, hiring manager input, and industry knowledge to qualify and present the best-suited candidate for each requirement.
  • Modern Recruiting Methodology
    We utilize big data and learning algorithms to scour job boards, social media, and relevant networks to compile comprehensive profiles of millions of top tier candidates.
  • Dynamic Talent Communities
    We actively develop, engage, and maintain talent communities of diverse consultants who represent the primary skills needed by MSPs and their clients, particularly as cloud technology, remote working, and the competition to innovate have intensified.
  • Robust Screening Processes
    Our recruiters incorporate a rigorous screening process that relies on a combination of smart automation, human interaction, skills assessments, behavioral interviewing techniques, and inclusive engagement strategies, which include blind resume reviews and progressive job descriptions. This approach empowers us to select the best candidates for each job opening, resulting in a high submission-to-placement ratio.

Finally, that “a-ha!” moment of discovering the right candidate.

Once we vet a candidate’s skills and experience, we’ll present their profile for review. We will showcase a candidate’s experience, professional highlights, skill sets, cultural fit, and all other pertinent information we gather during our screening process. When the hiring manager chooses to extend an offer to a candidate,, we begin the onboarding process and handle all the logistics so that the consultant can begin working quickly.
  • Candidate Submittals
    We present each candidate to the hiring manager after a rigorous internal screening process, highlighting pertinent strengths that span hard skills to cultural fit and EQ.
  • Meaningful interviews
    Our teams coordinate with hiring managers to understand the ideal candidate profile, expectations, attitude, and perspective. We translate that learning into a process for grooming and prepping candidates to ensure an optimal interview. We handle all scheduling and logistics to optimize the hiring manager’s time.
  • Onboarding
    We stay in constant communication with clients and candidates, ensuring that all aspects of the offer are negotiated and understood. Our teams coordinate with MSP and client stakeholders to create formal offer letters and facilitate the entire onboarding experience, including background checks, drug screens, E-Verify processes, tax information, payroll, asset allocation, badging requirements, and more.

A placement is just the beginning for us.

We believe that the quality and efficiency of our workforce solutions are enhanced by the care we devote to our consultants after placing them on assignment. The candidate experience doesn’t end with the hire, and our teams check in regularly with consultants to foster engagement, retention, morale, job satisfaction, and to address issues immediately.  We also offer additional training or mentoring if needed. Our commitment to ongoing support fuels productivity and reinforces that we are their employers, significantly mitigating co-employment risks. After rolling off from assignment, our recruiters actively assist in redeploying high-performing talent to other engagements.
  • Performance Checkpoints
    We ensure that our consultants grow professionally and develop skills during an engagement by providing feedback and mentoring them on a regular basis. We rely on our MSP partners’ insights and transparency to ensure heightened levels of performance.
  • Consultant Care
    Our recruiters and HR teams are always available to resolve any issues that consultants face during an engagement. More importantly, we interact with them frequently to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Our commitment to redeploying high performers also drives engagement with the presence of continuing opportunities. MSPs and clients benefit from a hiring process that delivers proven, skilled, and pre-qualified workers in a time of severe shortages.
  • Analysis and Improvement
    We consistently measure and analyze our adherence to the KPIs set by the MSP and its clients, always considering both program and consultant feedback to improve our delivery. We advocate for our talent as much as we advocate for our MSP partners. If we detect potential problems, we notify stakeholders and intervene quickly to prevent issues, whether those situations affect our consultants, MSPs, or their clients.

Our Talent Verticals.

We have a demonstrated performance record of placing thousands of consultants in the right environments, emphasizing an optimal mix of business and domain experience.

Digital Transformation Talent

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Qlik & Tableau
Robotic Process Automation

Technology Talent

Project Management
Application, Web, & Mobile Development
Business Intelligence
ERP Talent
DevOps & Release Management
Quality Assurance Talent
Database Design & Development

Engineering Talent

Verification & Validation

Finance & Professional Talent

Accounting & Auditing
Call Center Representatives
Cost Accountants
Customer Service Reps
Executive Assistants
HR Generalists
Internal Control
Risk Managers
Sales Representatives

Clinical & Scientific Talent

Agricultural researchers
Biologists & Biochemists
Enviornmental Scientists
RNs/LPNs/Nurse Practitioners
Medical Assistants
Pharmacy & Radiology Technicians

Light Industrial Talent

Forklift Operators
General Labor
Machine Operators
Shipping & Receiving Associates

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