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September 15, 2022

SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy 2022: Day Two Highlights

As we wrote last week, Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) Collaboration in the Gig Economy conference is right around the corner. This year’s event covers more than 20 sessions on the most pressing topics affecting the global talent ecosystem, with primary concentrations on staffing and talent platform technologies, key issues in the gig economy, and leading in a new world of work. Of course, all this comes from the unique context of readjusting to a new normal in the wake of a global pandemic. Thought leaders understand that the trends and forecasts from before COVID-19 have suddenly shifted. In our previous post, we highlighted the sessions from day one of the event that interested us most. Now let’s delve into the agenda for day two.

Collaboration and Convergence: Health, Tech Ecosystems and the New Nature of Work

Genius Is a Team Sport: Mastering Collaboration in the Post-Covid Gig Economy

Tim Sanders, Collaboration Expert, NY Times

We face more complex problems than ever, with little time or resources to solve them. Alone, we move too slow and stick with what we know. We need to harness the collective power of our workforce solutions ecosystem so we can compete to win.

In this presentation, New York Times bestselling author and global collaboration expert, Tim Sanders, will provide attendees with a new paradigm: Success is 1000 problems solved, and that requires you to expand your collaborative web. 

The State of the Convergence of Talent, Tech and Suppliers

Barry Asin, Eric Gilpin, Cherie Kloss, Doug Leeby, Billy Milam

With the intersection of technology driven change, new post-pandemic work patterns and an epic shortage of talent, the workforce solutions ecosystem, connecting workers and work, is more complex and challenging than ever. This popular session features industry leaders and experts from organizations on the edge of change who will bring clarity to the changing dynamics in the marketplace, the opportunities ahead and what will separate the winners from the losers.

Healthcare Staffing Platform Disruption and Innovation

Sheldon Arora, Mike Barnard, Tony Braswell, Timothy Landhuis, Sophia Morris

Covid pandemic disruption and white-hot levels of demand in the travel nurse space has led to the most dramatic digital transformation the workforce solutions ecosystem has ever seen. Nurse volumes have more than doubled and much of that volume has been driven by staffing and talent platforms allowing nurses unprecedented levels of control in the assignments they accept and the pay they receive. This session will explore the keys to success in the rapid rollout of healthcare staffing platforms and the likely future course for this disruptive change to traditional staffing models. Join us for a glimpse of the future as seen first in healthcare staffing!

A Revolution in Online Job Advertising

Kshitji Jain, Steve Lombardi, Lucas Martinez, John Nurthen

The arrival of job aggregators and social media firms shook up the competitive environment while advances in technology have led to improved matching and the development of new ways of working such as job optimization and programmatic job advertising. Added to these important structural changes, the post-pandemic environment has led to a sharp increase in prices due to the candidate-short market, a lively mergers & acquisitions market, more openness towards remote working and an increased focus on employer branding.

Our panel explores what the implications of the latest innovations in the space mean and the potential for convergence with other areas of the workforce solutions ecosystem.

Navigating the Talent Crisis: Recruiting and Retaining Talent in a New World

Kyle Allen, Ashwin Bharath, Marcia Custodio, Adrianne Nelson, Rick Roberts

Most organizations believe that their people are their most important asset. Now the number one challenge for most organizations is the cost of recruiting and retaining these assets. It’s not as simple as just putting out an advertisement and watching the qualified candidates flow in. What once was a talent shortage has now become a talent crisis. What are innovative players doing to succeed in this new environment? In this session, our panel of experts will share perspectives on attracting and retaining talent in an age of scarcity.

What’s Hot in Candidate Verification, Interviewing and Assessment?

Hans Bukow, Kevin Chen, Jennifer Knippenberg, Satish Kumar, Taylor Liggett

Historically, background checks and testing have been a low priority for staffing firms and other employers. Today that story has changed, and technology-driven innovation is disrupting traditional models for operating in this space. This includes everything from interviewing platforms to candidate identity, background checks and more. Join us to learn what’s new and next in a rapidly evolving market where technology is making possible new ways of operating at a lightning speed.

Be Sure to See Us at the Event!

We’ll be perusing sessions, mingling, and hanging out in the halls, so drop by and say hello. Click here to book time with Bruce Hay, our SVP of Business Development.

Image courtesy of Dallas Omni Hotel

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